Hyperbilirubinemia affects 60-80% of all newborns
and causes 10% of all neonatal fatalities.

Phototherapy is the most commonly used treatment for hyperbilirubinemia as it is non invasive and has the lowest levels of risk compared to the other types of treatment. It is imperative that hyperbilirubinemia is treated effectively, without any additional damage caused by the treatment.

Mission Statement

Our team is dedicated to delivering peace of mind to parents and hospital staff by creating protective eyewear that increases stability, efficiency, and treatment area for neonates undergoing phototherapy.

The BiliBeanie

Current neonatal phototherapy masks cause discomfort, can easily slip off, and decreases nurses’ time-efficiency by needing constant readjustment. The BiliBeanie eliminates these problems through its innovative design. It glides across bed linens, has a 360° eyeshield, and ear fastners along the sides of the beanie. These elements decrease displacement and the number of occurrences where the neonate’s eyes are exposed to the phototherapy light.

Market and Competitors

There is a growing market in phototherapy equipment thus leading to an increase in the demand for protective eyewear such as the BiliBeanie. To compete with the current market, we have included a number of innovative designs to our product.

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